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Treasure Sowers



Let’s partner together to build a dynamic ministry that moves God’s Kingdom agenda forward and transforms the lives of the people around us. Our church  understands that we are the hands, and feet of Jesus Christ here  on earth.


We are called to have a heart for meeting the needs of people, nurturing the lives of young people, and strengthening the foundation of families.  This takes faithful treasure sower’s like you and I for this to be achieved.  Sow your seeds and  commit to being a part of what God is about to do in you, with you, and through you to empower someone else through our church.


Please consider sowing forward as we gear up to introduce N.P.W( Neighborhood Prayer Watch) designed to reach our neighborhoods and impact our city, Re-tool For School designed to touch our children and push them to be successful, and Fathers First programs designed to reach our young men who are now fathers trying be in the lives of there children.


We beleive if you impact the lives of the people the people change the landscape of our city. Your financial SEEDS will allow us to impact lives for Jesus Christ. Join us in partnership and say





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